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Covid -19 info

Covid-19 Web Apps

Dear guest to this section, we provide links, forms and brochures that will allow you and us to better and safely handle the operation and services within the new normality imposed on us by the pandemic of coronavirus.

If we are your temporary destination please fill the appropriate fields of the PLF form with the following:

Country: Greece
State/Province: Anatoliki Makedonia kai Thraki
City: Pefkari Thassos
ZIP/Postal Code: 64002
Hotel Name (If any) (Optional): Hotel  Thassos
Street: Pefkari Beach
Apartment number (optional): 

Personal Hygiene
Hand Hygiene
Hotel Thassos web apps
What do you need to know

Ferries Timetable

According to the existing approvals of the Authorities, the shipping companies are responsible for maintaining the routes on the ferry lines (eg non-realization or modification)

Pre-Boarding Health Declaration Form Covid-19

As part of Covid-19 guidelines for the prevention of the new coronavirus transmission and spread, all passengers must complete the “Pre-Boarding Health Declaration Form” form and submit it to the Designated Supervising Officer with their ticket, when boarding, prior to the vessel’s departure.

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